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Larry Franco

SEVP; Retail Banking  BBVA 

It’s hard to know where to begin with a recommendation for Adam Spencer. Not because I’m at a loss for words, but because he’s one of the most talented professionals I know and have ever known. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Adam for the better part of two decades and to say he is consistent would be an understatement of vast proportions. Adam is consistent with his work ethic, his attitude, his leadership, the service he delivers to his customers and the results he and his teams generate. To know Adam, I mean to truly know him, is like knowing few others in your life; past, present or future. Adam’s high expectations of himself and his teams drive his passion for customers and winning. Although you will quickly find out that Adam is brilliant, he also possesses rare traits beyond “the classroom” that allow him to “see” things and opportunities from a unique lens, blending his academic strengths with a unique and practical business acumen only possessed by the most gifted of Senior Executives. Adam also has the rare ability to make the complex seem simple. Although Adam is a strong strategic thinker, he’s also able to execute. Every business Adam and I have partnered on has flourished because of the above and aforementioned. However, the most admirable of all of Adam’s traits is his genuine sincerity for people - all people. His ability to connect with people, all people, is driven by his passion for them. Of all of the things I’ve come to appreciate and have tried to describe above, I value his true and unwavering friendship the most. One thing I can assure you of is I’m not the only person in Adam’s world that would write that about him!


George Davidson

Director of Sales


I worked with Adam for 4 years. While Adam was not my direct leader; his leadership aptitude, skills and insight into emotional intelligence that he shared definitely made me a much stronger, and intuitive leader. His laser focus on service and commitment helped my team win and retain accounts with growth year over year. I look forward to partnering with Adam again in the future. 


Matt Mandell


I hope you have the privilege to work with Adam. He is unique in the payments world, working first to better you and your company before focusing on himself. With a few conversations, Adam had transformed the trajectory of our company and continues to this day to help us shape and grow through his amazing relationships across payments. Trust what he says, unless you are looking to learn a lesson the hard way.